Our Team

Our team of staff is purely Tanzanian, with many calling Moshi home.  We hire based on personality, to ensure our customers will always be having the best fun with our great characters.  We believe in fair conditions and fair salaries for all of our staff, which ensure we not only attract the best of the bunch but keep them on board.


Company Founder and Director

Born in the foothills of Kilimanjaro, it was a dream of Ambrose’s to one day work as a guide on the mountain.  After finishing school, he started off as a porter before progressing through training to become  a guide.  He gained several years experience working for different companies and studying at Wildlife College during the low season.  In 2011 he decided it was time to set out on his own to start Materuni Tours.

Ambrose is a natural mountain goat, with a particular fondness for singing (terribly) at high altitudes to keep up team moral.  With his jokey personality he hates the idea of being boss-man and avoids long periods in the office, preferring to be out and about meeting our travellers.  Never forgetting his roots, Ambrose is passionate about development and conservation in his local area.


Adventure Coordinator

Brenda will be your first point of contact to help you arrange your adventure in Tanzania.  Having grown up in nearby Arusha but finished her high schooling and studied at University in the US, Brenda can use her intimate knowledge of her home country to design the perfect holiday package suited for your needs.


Office Manager

Joseph has been with the company for many years, following his studies at Wildlife College.  His fun approach to life and ease of getting on with absolutely anyone has seen him become our go-to guy around Moshi town.  This might mean you’ll meet him when you first arrive in Moshi, or he’ll be the one to show you the way to the nearest ATM… or be there with a nice cold beer to welcome you back off the mountain!


Driver/Local Guide

Shabani   may well be the first friendly face you meet when exiting the arrivals hall at Kilimanjaro Airport.  He’s our go to person for taking local day trips, having grown up in Moshi and so knowing the best spots like the back of his hand.

Our Mountain Team

Mountain Guides

Ramadhan Amir, a professional mountain guide, has been working with Materuni Tours since 2011. He is among our experienced mountain guides. He is charming, supportive and knowledgeable about the mountain.

Favourite route: Machame Route


“My favourite route is Machame route as it has ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ which gives you the opportunity for acclimatization. This route is popular, it’s my favourite because I get to meet and talk to people from different cultures.”

Paul Chuwa, a professional mountain guide, has been working with Materuni Tours since 2011. He is among our experienced mountain guides. He is a calm guy, likes to explain most of the time and knowledgeable about the mountain.

Unforgettable experience: “Once I climbed with a couple from Canada after reaching the highest peak of Africa the guy proposed to the lady, it was a thrilling experience.”

Hamza Shiraz, a professional mountain guide, has been working with Materuni Tours since 2009. He is among our experienced mountain guides. He is very friendly, fun to talk to, supportive and of course knowledgeable about the mountain.

Unforgettable experience: “I will never forget when I climbed with an American lady who was parallelized and she made it to the highest peak of Africa! She wept in tears because she couldn’t believe that she made it despite her condition. Her success made me so happy. “

Joshua Maro, a professional mountain guide, has been working with Materuni Tours since 2009. He is among our experienced mountain guides. He is a calm guy, friendly and knowledgeable about the mountain.

Unforgettable experience: “I once climbed with two old ladies aged 83 years old from Germany and they didn’t know if they will make it to the summit but they eventually reached the highest peak of Africa. Surely with determination any one with ideal physical fitness can reach the summit.”

Mountain Chefs

Masanja Kinanda also called Babu, is the oldest qualified chef on the mountain with an experience of almost 20 years. He used to work with a couple of companies but now works with Materuni Tours.

Favourite Dish: “Some of my favourite dishes that I like to cook for our clients on the mountain are kish food dish, tomato soup and vegetable soup, when I cook theses dishes I cook with all the passionate.”

Juma Swalehe he is also called mama Juma you can only call him this name on the mountain but don’t call him this name in town. A charming guy you wouldn’t regret being around him. He makes delicious food on the mountain.

Favourite Dish: “When I’m on the mountain with clients, some of my favourite dishes that I cook with all the passionate are cucumber soup, pumpkin soup, spaghetti omelette.”


Our porters all come from villages surrounding Mount Kilimanjaro, and many of them have worked with Materuni Tours since our humble beginnings.  You’ll meet your porters at the beginning of the trek and see them each morning and evening at camp.  They will no doubt love the opportunity to practice their English with you – a pack of cards and a well known game is always a great way to break the language barrier and get to know some of your most vital team members better!

Our Safari Guides

Futter Jimmy, is a quite young professional safari guide but looks old in appearance and has been working with Materuni Tours since 2012. He is a passionate young man, charming very knowledgeable about wildlife and on top of all he is fluent in Danish. He likes to joke a lot.

Unforgettable Adventure: “I will never forget this moment when I was with clients from Australia in Ngorongoro and an elephant came along and started to scratch itself on the safari land cruiser while we were inside the safari car. The clients and I didn’t know what we were feeling at the moment excited scared at the same time I started backing up the land cruiser and the elephant was mad then started chasing us.”

Mkonyi, is a chubby funny guy who has been a guide for a very long time. He is very passionate and knowledgeable about wildlife. He is fun to talk to and easy to get along with.

Unforgettable Adventure: “On one of my trips of safari I was with clients and during our game drive in Ngorongoro we came across a rhino who had just given birth to a baby rhino and this baby rhino was actually stuck in a muddy swamp and was suffocating…. and at that moment the rhino mother was too weak to help it out therefore I radio called the rangers to come and rescue the baby rhino.”

Our Safari Chefs

Makamba, you can also call him Jimmy. He is a very polite calm guy and smiles a lots, spends most of the time in the kitchen but the best thing is that you can see his personality in the food he cooks. He also likes to share his cooking skills to our clients.